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AP Pokémon

#131 LaprasLapras have gentle hearts. Because they rarely fight, many have been caught, and have been overhunted almost to extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain. Lapras’ high intelligence enables it to understand human speech and enjoys ferrying people on its back. 

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Hurray for 2 years!

At this moment, I believe we have completed 224 Pokemon!

I better get back to work omg I’m so lazy on updating x)

Thank you all for studying with me!

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serperior please?

Request added! Last request, sorry!

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Requesting time!

I will be taking 5 requests.

DO NOT request Gen 6 Pokemon. We ain’t ready for that yet.

DO NOT request multiple Pokemon. One Pokemon per ask.

DO NOT request a Pokemon that already has a post.

DO NOT request again if you requested last time. You can try again 3 weeks after your request was posted.

If you do not follow these guidelines, and there are people who requested after you that followed them correctly, I will be forced to reject your request.

Review the How to Request page to understand the rules. These requests will be made whenever I have time.

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#180 FlaaffyStoring too much electricity caused Flaaffy to lose the wool over most of its body, but the bare, rubbery skin protects it from the electricity stored in its fleece. Flaaffy’s wool quality changes so that it can generate a high amount of static electricity with a small amount of wool. If its coat becomes fully charged with electricity, its tail lights up. It fires hair that zaps on impact.

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#037 VulpixAt the time of birth, Vulpix has just a single, white-colored tail. As it grows, its tail gains color and splits into six, and its fur becomes more lustrous. The tails grow hot as evolution approaches for this Pokémon. It can freely control fire, making fiery orbs fly like will-o’-the-wisps. When the temperature outside increases, it will expel flames from its mouths to prevent its body from overheating.

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